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I am absolutely convinced that there is a better way
of doing business, and for me that means delivering both
commercially and socially. We must all take collective and
individual responsibility for our actions in how we conduct
our business.
Ronan Foley, CEO, IPB Insurance
In 2012, IPB made corporate history by being the 1st
company to issue a social dividend to Irish society.
An initial Social Dividend of €5 million was allocated
to fund our Corporate Social Engagement (CSE) Framework.
We believe that by working together we can create
a brighter future for our country and all our people

Welcome to our Corporate Social Engagement Framework





Business Innovation

Our Vision

The IPB Insurance (IPB) corporate vision is based on the proud history of our mutual ethos; this means that we see society as our ultimate stakeholders. In 2012 we embarked on a programme of corporate development. We were energised by the realisation that as a successful business we will be able to give back to our stakeholders and engage in making a real difference to society.

CSE Framework

IPB has chosen five distinct themes that will inform the types of projects that the CSE Framework supports. The five themes are Diaspora, Sport, Education, Youth and Community and Business Innovation. Between now and 2015 we will be allocating funding to support activities and projects under these five themes on a phased basis.

Latest News

IPB supports the Late Night Leagues
IPB supports the Late Night Leagues
The Late Night Leagues (LNL) programme is a perfect example of what can be achieved through sport at a community level which is why IPB Insurance is delighted to support this initiative through its CSE framework. more
The IPB LIT Scholarship Programme
Friday the 5 December 2014 marked the launch of the second year of the IPB LIT Scholarship Programme. Established in November 2013, this scholarship programme serves to increase the successful participation rates at third level (LIT) among students who have the ability to succeed academically, but lack the economic or necessary social support and encouragement. 

A CSE Sporting Initiative
IPB supports a new Centre of Excellence, boxing Academy.more

€1M Youth & Community Fund

Supporting community projects to promote social inclusion.