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IPB Insurance (IPB) has been a sustainable and successful business for many years. Our success has allowed us the opportunity to make a significant commitment in the area of corporate social engagement. We are optimistic about the future and ambitious about what we can achieve. Our aim is to make a difference in everything we do and to make a positive contribution to all our stakeholders.

In 2012, IPB made corporate history by becoming the first company to issue a social dividend as part of its commitment to giving back to Irish society. Since launching the social dividend model, we have allocated €8 million to fund our Corporate Social Engagement (CSE) Framework, This supports projects under five themes of Diaspora, Sport, Education, Community and Business Innovation.

€1 million of this fund was allocated under the theme of ‘Diaspora’ in support of the Gathering Ireland 2013 initiative. This was matched by equal funding from the government and distributed through the local authorities to support local Gathering events and projects around the country.

Sportnation was an initiative to increase peoples’ opportunities and access to sports through improved facilities in their local area. €1 million of the fund was allocated to this initiative, with funding matched by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS). 

In 2014, IPB launched its first nationwide community programme, aimed at strengthening local communities by increasing participation and promoting social inclusion through the stimulation and support of local organisations and initiatives. A total of €1 million was allocated and this led to 173 projects receiving much needed support nationwide.

To continue our commitment in supporting the ethos of volunteering and community involvement, we have allocated a further €1 million for 2015 through the IPB Community Engagement Fund. IPB is committed to ensuring that this €1 million fund is accessible to grassroots organisations aiming to bring real enhancements to local communities.

In the future, we may work with strategic partners, as was the case with the IPB Gathering Fund, or through collaboration with sector specific organisations. A strategic partner is an organisation or government body who commits to providing funding and/or mobilising resources to support a joint vision. Their strategy and goals should be aligned with those of the IPB CSE framework.

Collaboration between IPB and sector specific organisations may take place if the organisations can provide ideas and strategies that fit under one of our key themes. We believe there are significant benefits from collaboration both for IPB and the organisation including:

  • Assisting with the creative process.
  • Providing insights and different areas of expertise.
  • Increasing capacity to existing team.
  • Assisting with reaching a wider/new audience.
  • Providing an opportunity to contribute to their event or activity rather than invent something new.