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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employers are increasingly vulnerable to employment related claims due to ever evolving EU and Irish legislation. The growing awareness amongst employees of their rights has also given employees a stronger position to seek compensation for wrongful employment acts. The financial consequences of these legal events can have a disruptive and negative impact on an organisation's reputation, staff morale, time and resources.

We have developed Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) as a standalone policy to safeguard your organisation against wrongful employment practice claims which could result in financial loss to your organisation.

Summary of Cover

  • Our policy provides protection to the Employer (Insured Organisation) as well as their Employees (Insured Persons).
  • Employees include full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees including contracted and seconded individuals. Our policy also protects past, present and/or future employees.
  • EPLI covers the cost of defending a claim in court, any judgments and awards and the costs of settlements prior to a hearing or settled through mediation.
  • The policy is written on a Claims Made and Reported Basis. This means that it will provide cover for claims which arise from a Wrongful Employment Practice which is first made against the Insured during the period of Insurance.
  • Limits of indemnity of up to €2 million are available.

Additional Features
  • Our flexible claims reporting provision allows claims to be reported up to 30 days after the expiry of the policy.
  • Cover can be extended for outside directorships while working at the specific direction or request of the Insured.
  • No excess applicable where a claim is made solely against an Insured Person. This is particularly beneficial in cases of discrimination where individual colleagues, supervisors or managers could be named in an alleged Wrongful Employment Practice.
  • Cover provided for defence costs incurred where employee(s) wish to be re-instated to their job rather than seeking a monetary settlement.
This is a brief summary of our Employment Practices Liability Policy. For further information about this policy and our terms & conditions please contact us today.

Why IPB Insurance?
  • In today's environment, it is crucial to ensure that your interests are protected by an insurance company that fully understands risk.
  • IPB Insurance is one of the largest liability insurers in the Irish market.
  • With over 88 years experience in underwriting major property and liability risks, our underwriters and claims managers are among the most experienced in Ireland.
  • We will tailor a policy to meet your exact business requirements.

Enquire About this Product
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