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Our Approach

A New Way of Doing Business

At IPB Insurance we are transforming. Our overriding objective is to devise a business model themed on sustainability and built on our proud mutual heritage putting society at the heart of our goals. To this end we have created a business strategy which reflects our mutual ethos. So what does this mean? It means we want to build a world class business whose success directly depends on and benefits all stakeholders. This approach means that success is not just measured by financial performance but the way we apply all available resources from financial, human and through influence and leadership. Our programme of transformation is based on our PBD grading strategy.


The PBD approach stands for Place, Business, Difference. Our ambition is to be the leading place to work attracting the best people and working with all our other stakeholders to build a successful world class business reaping a social dividend to drive our CSE framework. Our outline business strategy allows us to harness ambition in a healthy way. As we succeed in achieving our goals and reaching our targets this success will drive our social programme which in turn starts the cycle again in a sustainable motion.


refers to our place of business and our people in creating a great workplace and instilling a culture within the organisation which attracts the best people to serve the needs of our customers. As a service business we can build a world class operation built on having great people and corporate culture.

refers to the operational aspect of IPB in achieving commercial success. Within this element our approach is to develop a world class business driven by ethical governance, innovative products and services delivered through efficiencies from the best technologies available.

refers to the outcomes from our business which means that as a commercially successful business we can give back to our stakeholders through a commercial dividend to our Members and a social dividend to society.

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